RUBBER FEET for WP series


CATEGORY:Rubber feet, Push in rubber feet, Push-in Bumper

RUBBER FEET for WP series
RUBBER FEET for WP series1
Push in rubber feet for WP series.
Recommended to be used with WP series as desktop-type units.
No additional hole milling required as the rubber feet fits snuggly into the screw holes.
Made from elastomer material which is resistant against color migration.

※Unavailable for use with WP5-7-2, 5-7-3, 6-8-2, and 6-8-3 models.


Product No. Suitable enclosure Pack of PDF DXF DWG STP
PFRF- M2.5D WP8-8-2 - WP13-18-5 (Smaller sizes) 4 pcs
PFRF- M3D WP15-15-4 - WP20-28-7 (Larger sizes) 4 pcs