New CR2450/CR2477 battery compartment models are now available in CS/CSS portable plastic enclosures!
Slim and stylish basic plastic enclosure CS series and CSS series, coupled with colorful silicone covers are also available.
Addition to CR2032 battery compartment models, bigger capacity CR2450/CR2477 battery compartment models are newly launched.

【Typical Capacity】
 CR2032 : 225mAh
 CR2450 : 620mAh
 CR2477 : 1, 000mAh

3D Exploded View - CSS-100
3D Exploded View - CS-100

Easy replacement of batteries. Solder the included battery contacts on your PCB (optional PCB is also available).
Suitable for IOT network device, remote controller, handheld GPS, wireless key fob, RFID tag, or small tester/device, and so on.
Built-in hole on the side enables to set optional wrist or neck strap.

 Sizes:4 Sizes - 75, 90, 100 (NEW), and 115
 Battery Compartment:4 Models - CR2032×1, CR2032×2, CR2450 or CR2477×1(NEW), and Non Compartment Models
 Enclosure Colors:2 Colors - White and Black
 Silicone Cover Colors:7 Colors - Black, Light Gray, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Orange (NEW)

 2 color enclosures x 7 color silicone covers give 14 different color variations.

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