SEALING INSERT for THB387・387E・391・392

60003_THB387_bush Series -PDF

CATEGORY:Sealing insert for THB387・THB387E・THB391・THB392, 2-hole sealing insert, 3-hole sealing insert

SEALING INSERT for THB387・387E・391・392
SEALING INSERT for THB387・387E・391・392
SEALING INSERT for THB387・387E・391・3921
SEALING INSERT for THB387・387E・391・3922
Optional sealing insert for THB387, 387E, 391 and 392 series.
*Not applicable to be used for THA209, THB381, 381E, 387L,387LE,389,389E,390,399Y,400,402T,405,406 series.

Recommended to be used to change the compatible wire diameter, or for installation of multiple wires.

6000347LA cap can be used to prevent the rubber bushing from protruding, as well as stabilizing the waterproof performance when using wire of diameter 7.0mm or smaller.

Color:Green PANTONE 326C


Product No. Cable range Suitable mofdels Weight (g / 1 pcs) Pack of PDF DXF DWG
6000338GT Blind insert without hole THB387・391・392 series 1.7 10 pcs
6000377GT φ2.5~φ4.0mm ×1 holes THB387・391・392 series 2 10 sets
6000339GT φ5.0~φ7.0mm ×1 holes THB387・391・392 series 1.9 10 sets
6000340GT φ3.0~φ4.5mm ×2 holes THB387・391・392 series 2.1 10 setes PDF DXF DWG
6000341GT φ4.5~φ6.0mm ×2 holes THB387・391・392 series 0.9 10 pcs PDF DXF DWG
6000342GT φ2.5~φ4.5mm ×3 holes THB387・391・392 series 1.4 10 pcs PDF DXF DWG
6000343GT φ2.5~φ4.0mm ×4 holes THB387・391・392 series 1.3 10 pcs PDF DXF DWG
6000347LA Cap for cables sized φ7.0mm or smaller THB387・391・392 series 0.5 10 pcs