Due to the constantly changing global landscape, in order to better reflect the shifts
in the global supply chain, there will be price revisions as following manner.

Price Revision Date : June 1, 2022
Price Revision Products : Entire Line-up
*Price revisions include our customization services as well.

Kindly contact your sales personnel for more information, or send us an inquiry using
the contact form links below.

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The new 2022 - 2024 All Product Catalog is currently slated to be available from July, 2022.

Once available, a notification will be sent out welcoming your request to have the physical
copy of the catalog sent to you at no extra cost!

Meanwhile, below are some image highlights of new products that will be featured in our
upcoming catalog.

・Next Generation Aluminium Case AU series

・IP68 High Performance Waterproof Box WG・WGV series

・Economical Outdoor Network Box OB series

・IoT Small Plastic Case SIC・SIM series

・Raspberry Pi Heatsink Aluminium Case RPH series

* Product information in English will be made available upon the completion of the
 2022 - 2024 All Product Catalog.